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Snow Mold Appearing in Minneapolis Lawns

Spring is just around the corner and your Weed Man Minneapolis team can't wait! As the snow and ice begin to melt away, you'll be able to closely inspect your lawn for any signs of damage or disease. Snow mold is a common concern at this time of year for Minneapolis home owners. Snow mold disease fungi live in thatch, soil and dead leaves and can remain within your lawn all year long, feeding on grass nutrients and destroying vital plant cells in the process. There are two types of snow mold: pink and gray, named for the color they tend to tint an infected lawn. 

What does snow mold look like?

Snow mold is characterized by circular patches of dead or matted grass, usually about 1-12 inches in diameter. Often, thesepatches will join together, forming a large, discolored mass laced with strands of pink or grey webby, fungal material known as mycelium on the lawn.

What causes snow mold?

Snow mold typically affects lawns that have become deficient over the winter due to harsh seasonal conditions, matting, and extended snow coverage. It is normally found at this time of the year (in the late winter/early spring) as snow starts to melt and rainy weather becomes more prevalent. 

How do I get rid of snow mold on my lawn?

Snow mold can and should disappear on its own with improved environmental conditions. Once the snow melts, a good raking can help rid your lawn of dead grass, excessive thatch, and disease spores. Depending on the severity of damage, fertilization, topdressing or reseeding could be necessary. Weed Man Minneapolis can help you tackle this common lawn disease and enact preventative or curative measures, ensuring your grass remains lush and green throughout the year.