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Get Ready, Minneapolis! Winter is Coming. Is Your Lawn Ready?

No one likes talking about the dreaded “W” word – especially when outdoor temperatures in the Minneapolis area are still relatively mild. Like it or not, however, colder weather is on the horizon and will begin placing significant stress on local lawns before we know it. Prepare for the cooler seasons ahead with these tips from Weed Man Lawn Care.

Mulch Those Leaves 

Fall mowing is beneficial for your lawn for a number of reasons. Firstly, while many homeowners recognize the importance of removing leaves from their lawns, it is often a physically demanding chore to rake, pile, and bag excess leaves. Fall mowing offers a convenient avenue for effectively using the leaves that coat turf surfaces. Simply use a mulching mower (many lawn mowers nowadays include a mulching attachment) to shred unwanted leaves into tiny, nutrient-rich pieces that will eventually decompose on your lawn. These leaf particles add valuable organic matter right back into the soil, resulting in stronger, healthier turf.  

You can also mulch grass clippings for an added nutrient boost. Be sure to spread the mulched layer on top of your lawn, as this will act as a light fertilizer and add valuable potassium to your soil. Potassium at this time of year is vital for strengthening leaf blades and, in turn, helping grass better withstand winter stresses. Grass mulch also enhances the health of lawns by reducing moisture evaporation, which can be an added perk during periods of unpredictable precipitation.

Mow Low 

It is also a good idea to lower your mowing height gradually throughout the season. Start at the standard 3 inches and work your mower lower each and every time you use it. By the end of the fall season, you should be cutting your grass at the lowest height the lawn mower will allow. When the grass is cut short, it stands up like a wire brush instead of laying down flat. This helps reduce ice and snow damage that are common throughout the winter months.  

Winterize Outdoor Taps / Irrigation Systems

All too often, homeowners forget to turn off the outdoor water supply each fall. Winter conditions can freeze the water inside of faucets and pipes, leading to significant damage and/or bursting pipes. Be sure to locate the separate shutoff valve located inside your home – turn this off first before draining your outdoor water faucets and closing them for the season. 

If you have an irrigation system installed, an annual “blow out” is recommended to prevent bursting and cracking pipes. This involves the use of compressed air to remove all remaining water in the system. 

Questions about Winter Lawn Care Prep?

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