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Curb Appeal Doesn't Matter? Think Again.

The spring housing market is just around the corner! For many homeowners across the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, this means entering the sometimes confusing realm of real estate. There is often so much chatter on what a homeowner should or should not do to prepare, and, in most cases, the lists can be rather daunting. However, whether you are getting ready to sell for the first time or fifth, curb appeal is one aspect that you absolutely should not neglect. 
Curb appeal can be loosely described as the overall attractiveness of your property from the front. This is an incredibly powerful factor, which not only includes the appearance of the home itself, but also takes into account the landscaping and overall lawn care as well. Still skeptical on the importance? Well…take a look at these top 5 reasons on why you need to make this a priority: 

1. First impression.

Everyone is familiar with the saying, “You only get one first impression” when talking about a job interview or meeting another individual in general. This same principle can be applied to real estate. A home’s curb appeal is the first thing a buyer sees as they pull up. The goal of good curb appeal is to create those warm and fuzzy feelings even before they step in the door. If the opposite reaction takes place, the viewing of your home can become tainted by this initial negative reaction, thus steering a potential prospective away.  

2. Negative appeal can lead to no showings. 

Did you know that over 90% of searches for a new home start online? So what happens if your poor curb appeal shows up in your online image? You guessed it. Buyers will not even put in the effort or time to view the home. The highly digital world allows home buyers to shop with their fingertips and if they do not like what they see from your curbside, they will more than likely skip you right over.

3. Provides insight to overall condition of home. 

If you pull up to a home with a lawn full of weeds, inconsistent landscaping, or even peeling paint, what does that say about the upkeep of the home itself? To most, they immediately tend to look even harder for flaws on the interior since these types of homeowners clearly do not view general home maintenance as important. This might not entirely be the reality and the inside could be in much better shape; however, a disheveled exterior can turn a buyer off and have them thinking about perceived maintenance issues that might be hiding in the shadows.

4. Drives up or helps solidify value.  

Similar to how curb appeal can give a negative impression on the overall condition as previously discussed, it can also provide a bump or help firm up the perceived value. Let’s use the polar opposite example as described in the previous point. Imagine now pulling up to a lawn absent of any type of weed that was smartly landscaped and had a fresh coat of paint on the exterior. When comparing these two hypothetical homes solely on the exteriors with all other points remaining equal, buyers will absolutely view the second, more put together curb appeal option as being more valuable. Portraying this image of a well maintained or well cared for home goes a long way with today’s buyers and they are willing to pay more for it.   

5. Helps give you an edge. 

Believe it or not, but your house is more than likely not the only one that fits the mold for a particular buyer. A rock solid curb appeal can help you stand out over the competition and keep you top of mind for potential suitors. Going hand in hand with giving off a great first impression, the curb appeal of your home will also be the last impression a buyer takes away from their showing experience. 
While curb appeal is again only one factor that goes into the preparation of a home sale, the importance simply cannot and should not be overlooked.  The negative impacts that can result from a poor image can truly be detrimental in trying to achieve your ultimate goal. 
Also, if the idea of a full blown exterior makeover seems like more work than you are willing to tackle, you should at minimum put in the time on your lawn care. This relatively small effort will help pump up that curb appeal image and help in securing your future buyer.
Good luck! 

About the Author
Matthew Lunde is the owner of Dwell Realty Partners. He has been in the real estate industry in the Twin Cities since 2005. His specialty is in improving the lives of others through providing his skill as a trusted Minneapolis Realtor. When Matt is not making peoples dreams a reality he spends time with his beautiful family.