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Benefits of a Well-Maintained Lawn in Minneapolis


House values

Well-maintained lawns and landscaping help increase the value of homes and properties in the neighboring area.

Whether you’re an individual homeowner, a head of a homeowner’s association, town home complex owner or something else, this is an important factor to consider in the value of a property or complex.
The added value of a well-maintained lawn and landscaping can often far surpass the actual cost of the services needed to maintain these lawns and landscapes, making the use of a professional lawn maintenance business a simple decision.

Lower vacancy rates

Well-maintained lawns and landscaping help lower vacancy rates, because the area becomes more desirable and you often have an increase in the demand of tenants per property available.
For large developments, such as commercial complexes, condo or townhouse associations, or other large property developments, this can be a large factor in both the reduction of vacant properties and the lease you can charge for them.


Improves water quality and prevents erosion

Having a lawn is one of the most effective ways to prevent:

  • Erosion on steep slopes
  • Saturated soil
  • Compacted soil
  • Frozen ground
The dense network of roots found in desirable Minneapolis cold season grasses reach deep into the earth and help remove pollutants from the water as it moves through the soil, which improves your water quality.

Runoff water also moves slower through turfgrass, which means any sediment that’s carried in the water can’t go as far or in as large an amount. For lawns on a steep slope, this can be the difference between a green, healthy lawn or a slippery pile of mud on a hill.

Your lawn improves the soil
As your grass sheds during its normal growth cycle, it adds organic material back into the soil over time. This creates a healthier, greener, and thicker lawn by improving the structure of your soil.
It also helps improve water filtration and root depth, giving your grass more access to nutrient rich soil and improving microbial activity.

Your lawn cools the air
Air temperature drops by as much as 14°F from many of the plants in your garden including lawns, trees, and shrubs. This can help reduce the cost of running your air conditioning during the hotter summer months thanks to the reduced temperature around your property. It also offers a cooler outside area to relax in compared with asphalt or concrete.

Your lawn increases your air quality
A healthy lawn and other plants in your garden improve air quality by trapping dust and other airborne particles. In particular, it stops soil particles from blowing around into the air which can irritate your family or pets, which often is an issue during the drier summer months if you haven’t maintained your lawn care routine.

Your lawn also reduces carbon dioxide while producing oxygen, and 25 square feet is estimated to give enough oxygen for one adult for a day.

Your lawn offers a better quality of life and looks good
Landscaping, including lawns, reduce neighborhood noise levels by absorbing and reflecting sounds, in addition to reducing glare and light reflection.

A healthy, well-maintained lawn creates a pleasing view for you and your neighbors and can increase the attractiveness of your other landscaping elements.

Well-maintained lawns and gardens contribute to social connections within a community and can also improve relationships with your neighbors.

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