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All About Quality Lawn Care in Minneapolis

Our story begins in 1970 when our founder, Des Rice, began the dream of Weed Man Lawn Care, and later in 1976 began to share the business concept with others through franchising. Over the years, Des grew the company from its humble grass roots into an international network of locally owned and operated lawn care businesses. Each franchise location is committed to providing quality, kid- and pet-friendly lawn care services that produce healthy green lawns for homeowners across America.

Lawn Care Programs

Our quality Minneapolis lawn care programs and services focus on a well-balanced, ultra high-quality lawn fertilization program. This first rate fertilization system produces the thickest, greenest, most gorgeous lawn possible. And remember: a well-fertilized Minneapolis lawn is a healthy Minneapolis lawn. Ultimately a strong-rooted lawn that has proper nutrition and has become lush over time is by far the best defense against potential weed and pest issues. Other beneficial services like weed control, overseeding, and core aeration are also recommended to maximize the health of our customers’ lawns in Minneapolis.

Lawn Care Partnerships

Teaming up with our customers, we strive to ensure complete satisfaction when it comes to our Minneapolis lawn care programs. In addition to ourquality fertilizer and weed control services, Minneapolis lawns require regular mowing and consistent water.

Currently there are more than 130 Weed Man Lawn Care franchise locations providing professional turf services across the United States.

Weed Man Lawn Care of Minneapolis is dedicated to providing the highest in quality weed and pest management in the Twin Cities. When you hear someone ask:

What is the best lawn care company in Minneapolis?  The answer is undoubtedly Weed Man Lawn Care.

It truly is a simple question to answer, thanks to the dream set out by Des Rice so many years ago.